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Three European initiatives on linked open data
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Author:  Susannah Sabine [ Wed Apr 11, 2012 10:44 am ]
Post subject:  Three European initiatives on linked open data

Are you aware of the following three European initiatives on linked open data?


EuroVoc ( )is a multilingual thesaurus which was originally built up specifically for processing the documentary information of the EU institutions.

The aim of the thesaurus is to provide the information management and dissemination services with a coherent indexing tool for the effective management of their documentary resources and to enable users to carry out documentary searches using controlled vocabulary. EuroVoc users include the European Parliament, the Publications Office, national and regional parliaments in Europe, plus national governments and private users around the world.

Resources can be downloaded in SKOS/RDF or XML format.


The ENGAGE-project aims to create an e-infrastructure to open up public sector data to researchers and citizens. By using the e-infrastructure, researchers will be able to submit, acquire, search and visualize diverse and distributed public sector datasets from all the countries of the European Union. The ENGAGE project is funded under the European Commission FP7 Programme (

There is a chance to contribute to the ENGAGE project by participating in the following survey aiming at collecting experiences and needs towards using open governmental data:

Completing the survey will take about 10-20 minutes of your time. The survey consists of 14-23 questions.

Datalift project

Datalift ( brings raw structured data coming from various formats (relational databases, CSV, XML, etc.) to semantic data interlinked on the Web of Data. It is an experimental research project funded by the French national research agency. Its goal is to develop a platform to publish and interlink datasets on the Web of data. Datalift will both publish datasets coming from a network of partners and data providers and propose a set of tools for easing the datasets publication process. The project will provide tools allowing to facilitate each step of the publication process:

•selecting ontologies for publishing data

•converting data to the appropriate format (RDF using the selected ontology)

•publishing the linked data

•interlinking data with other data sources

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