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RIF-CS changes to support services over data
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Author:  Cel Pilapil [ Mon Jul 14, 2014 4:59 pm ]
Post subject:  RIF-CS changes to support services over data

Suggested schema change
RIF-CS Options for Indicating ‘openAccess’
1. Indicate that a dataset is ‘open access’ within the access rights element;
2. Provide a direct-download URL within electronic/[@type=’url’]/[@target=’directDownload’]/value.
Optionally provide target information in element/(title; notes; mediaType; byteSize)
3. Relate the Collection to one or more Service records via relatedInfo and provide a link in relatedInfo/[@type=’service’]/relation/URL that allows the user to directly access the Collection (or a subset thereof) within the related Service. Provide value ‘isSupportedBy’ in relatedInfo/[@type=’service’]/relation/@type

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