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Data Citation Best Practice Roundtable: 9 Aug 2012
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Author:  Karen Visser [ Mon Aug 13, 2012 11:52 am ]
Post subject:  Data Citation Best Practice Roundtable: 9 Aug 2012

This roundtable brought together a range of institutions concerned with Data Citation. The presentations are attached.

Interested in data citation?
    ANDS Data Citation Webinar Series 2 in Sept/Oct 2012 - to be notified when these webinars are on and how to register, subscribe to the ANDS Partners or ANDS General googlegroups by submitting a written subscription request to
    eResearch Australasia is on in Sydney at the end of October. There will be a number of papers and presentations on Data Citation
    ANDS Data Citation Webinar Series 1 - June 2012. Materials are on this ANDS Community Bulletin Board
    ANDS Data Citation resources -

ANDS Data Citation Workshop 2012_CSIRO Workflows.pdf [202.08 KiB]
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Sue Fyfe Beginning the Data Citation journey.ppt [2.35 MiB]
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Steve McEachern policy.pptx [3.15 MiB]
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Siddeswara Guru Minitng DOIs.pptx [2.05 MiB]
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Natasha Simons Griffith_Gold.pptx [1.1 MiB]
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Natasha Simons Griffith_DOI_Policy.pptx [1.67 MiB]
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Michelle Teis Citation metadata.pptx [1.75 MiB]
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Kim Finney Culture change.pptx [4.67 MiB]
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Karen Visser Overview and update.ppt [4.04 MiB]
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Gerry Ryder Workflows.ppt [1.37 MiB]
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