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Author:  Margaret Henty [ Fri Aug 21, 2009 6:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Materials for the ANDS website

ANDS has already commenced providing guides and other information resources on its website. These can be seen at We are wanting to know your

• Priorities for future development
• Suggestions for additional topics to be added to the list below
• Suggestions as to who might be able to provide future guides.

The list attached provides an indication of topics under consideration, and notes where these have already been made available or are in process. Your comments on this are sought.

The materials fall into several categories:

1. Resources about ANDS and its services (eg Register My Data)
2. Resources of use to research administrators and/or to infrastructure support providers in developing their own service to underpin the improvement of data management and re-use (eg persistent identifiers)
3. Resources directed to those who are directly engaged in the research process and who may need assistance with different aspects of data management and analysis (eg data dissemination and sharing).

ANDS Guides are one category of information resource. Where appropriate, guides will be produced at three different levels. These levels are as follows:
1. Awareness: Intended for the general public or novice reader. May also serve as an introduction to higher-level documents on the same topic.
2. Working: Intended for those who need a working knowledge of the topic. These will tend to focus particularly on how to carry out various tasks, particularly involving services offered by ANDS.
3. Expert: Intended only for those who need specialist or advanced management or technical details on this topic.

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