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Author:  Lizwoods [ Fri Oct 25, 2013 9:12 am ]
Post subject:  [Guide] ANDS-CONTRIB

ANDS Registry Contrib

The Registry Contrib PHP codebase includes Non-core add-ons to the Registry, including CMS editor, widget libraries, identifier management front-end and other self-contained community-sourced contributions.

In order to install the non-core applications, checkout the ANDS-Registry-Contrib directory into your applications/apps/ directory inside where you installed the Core. Many apps are disabled by default (by a mod_enabled() check in their initializer), which means that they must be manually enabled by uncommenting them in your global_config.php.

To provide new apps/widgets or improvements to current ones a contributor should fork the ANDS-Contrib code base on Github and checkout their fork into their Core installation. Additions and improvements can be provided by making a pull request to ANDS-Contrib and ANDS development staff can review contributions for inclusion in the master code base.

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