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[Guide] Pilot: Linking Collection Data to Services in RDA
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Author:  Ben Greenwood [ Mon Nov 18, 2013 11:49 am ]
Post subject:  [Guide] Pilot: Linking Collection Data to Services in RDA

As part of our new ANDS initiative (Connecting Data to Services), the ANDS Development team has proposed functionality to enable advanced users to register metadata about digital assets (effectively item-level collection data) which will be displayed in Research Data Australia under the "Data" heading on the top right of the record view page.

Over the next twelve months ANDS is soliciting input into possible ways of connecting data held in one location (e.g. on an RDSI Node) and described in Research Data Australia to services that may be hosted in a third location (e.g. on a Nectar research cloud) so as to let a user do something with that data simply. This something might be as simple as downloading it or it might be a set of online service orchestrations to integrate or visualise the data. Since we think that connecting services to data will make that data more valuable, ANDS is investigating what we can do from within our registry system and Research Data Australia (RDA) to encourage, enable, and facilitate this connection. It is an opportunity for the eResearch community to help us test some different approaches and offer feedback. This is your chance to connect your data to existing services and help shape future ANDS services or enhancements.

The investigation focuses on how to help users of Research Data Australia to easily find and apply online services (e.g. NeCTAR eResearch tools or Virtual Laboratory components) to data that is described in RDA and accessible on institutional and national storage infrastructure (e.g. RDSI). A first step is to investigate how best to flag that the data is open and accessible online.

The results of the investigation will inform ANDS approaches to interface design, encoding standards, and service interoperability architecture.

We encourage interested parties to please contact ANDS staff, or email to register your interest.

This guide is illustrative only and is currently only supported in the development branch of the ANDS Registry code. No warranty is made as to the support of this functionality in Research Data Australia or in future releases of the ANDS software.

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Author:  Ben Greenwood [ Mon Nov 18, 2013 11:54 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [Guide] Pilot: Linking Collection Data to Services in RD

Pilot Data Providers can include information item-level data related to collections in part of their feed to ANDS through including a new non-standard element in their feed. This element should be included in the provider's RIF-CS feed, but as this is a non-standard element, the feed will no longer pass validation against the RIF-CS v1.5 schema.

extRif:annotations element structure:

The extRif: XML namespace prefix corresponds to: "". This element is included inside the <registryObject> element (but outside of the collection/service/party/activity elements).

Element descriptions:

  • extRif:annotations - a container element for extRif fields. Currently supported child elements include extRif:digitalAssets (this guide) and extRif:tags (used internally within ANDS).

  • extRif:digitalAssets - a container element for information about item level digital assets related to this collection. Contains 0 or more extRif:dataAssets elements.

  • extRif:digitalAsset - information relating to a single data asset (such as a file or zip archive) associated with this collection. Must contain at least 1 extrif:url element.
    • visibility attribute - defines whether this digital asset is intended to be displayed on the RDA portal or is only for service consumption. "public" for visibility on RDA; "serviceOnly" to restrict this to web service request only.

    • extRif:url - one or more URL addresses which point to the digital asset. This URL should directly access the data file and should NOT be a landing page or paywall. It is expected that an HTTP GET request to this URL will return the actual data asset (i.e. a file)
      • format attribute - what format does this URL return when a GET request is made (note: currently does not support multiple formats (i.e. content negotiation)). This format should likely be a MIME type such as text/html or application/zip

    • extRif:title - (optional) a name used to describe this file

    • extRif:filename - (optional) the filename of this file

    • extRif:filesize - (optional) the filesize (include units - i.e. "128 MB")

    • extRif:notes - (optional) any relevant notes related to this file (for example, a description of what kind of files are included in a ZIP archive)

    • extRif:supportedBy - (optional) container element for indicating what services are able to interact with this data file

      • extRif:key - (optional) the key for the service record in RDA (if one exists)

      • extRif:url - (optional) the URL which invokes the service "on" the digital asset (if applicable)

      • extRif:title - (optional) the title/name of the service

      • extRif:logo - (optional) a URL to the logo of the service

Author:  Ben Greenwood [ Mon Nov 18, 2013 3:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [Guide] Pilot: Linking Collection Data to Services in RD

Example Record:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<registryObjects xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="">
<registryObject group="The University of Queensland">
    <originatingSource type=""></originatingSource>
    <collection type="dataset" dateModified="2012-07-12T06:10:48Z">
      <name type="primary">
        <namePart>Average wild-type C57BL/6J mouse 3D MRI brain image</namePart>
    ... SNIP ...
    <extrif:annotations xmlns:extrif="">
      <extrif:digitalAssets xmlns="" xmlns:extRif="">
          <extrif:title>MRI scan data</extrif:title>
          <extrif:url format="MINC"></extrif:url>
          <extrif:filesize>128 MB</extrif:filesize>
          <extrif:title>MRI scan data</extrif:title>
          <extrif:url format="NiTFI"></extrif:url>
          <extrif:filesize>278.1 MB</extrif:filesize>
        <extrif:dataAsset visibility="serviceOnly">
          <extrif:url format="application/gzip"></extrif:url>
            <extrif:title>Load using TissueBank Tool</extrif:title>

Resulting record:

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