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ANDS Software Release 12.2 Changelog
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Author:  Lizwoods [ Thu Apr 10, 2014 11:29 am ]
Post subject:  ANDS Software Release 12.2 Changelog

Technical Changelog

The release 12.2 of the ANDS Software suite includes several performance tweaks and bug fixes.

Highlights of R12.2 include:

Reset pagination when user enters a new search term and clicks search in RDA.
Accept metadataPrefix other than RIF when harvesting.
Provide tag autocomplete on the ORCA Record View page.
Ensure duplicate record merging happens for all duplicated records in the search results.
Tag literals that match ANZSRC literals shall be counted in the subject facets.
Implement duplicate record drop down for Contributor Pages.
Implement Connections Explorer for ANDS Suggested Links Subjects and Identifiers.
Fix Primary Links functionality.
Fix box functionality of Location Capture Widget.
Provide more detailed error messages in RDA when in development mode.
Change 'How to cite this collection' heading in a collection's record view page.
Improve SEO on
Bug with ANDS Suggested Links.
Theme Page Optimisation : Phase 3.

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