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Digital Preservation Management Workshop: 20-21 July 2011
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Author:  Karen Visser [ Mon Jul 11, 2011 12:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Digital Preservation Management Workshop: 20-21 July 2011

Digital Preservation Management Workshop
Nancy McGovern and Kari Smith. ICPSR, Michigan University

Convened by the Australian National Data Service at the Monash Conference Centre, Melbourne, 20-21 July 2011.

Purpose: This workshop is designed to meet the needs of organisations in ensuring that their research data is available in the longer term. It will focus on managing digital content over time, with an emphasis on research data. It will provide guidance on developing a balanced framework to underpin a digital preservation program, covering organisational, technical and resource issues.

Issues to be covered include scalability, the complexity of the organization trying to develop the digital preservation program, and resources, especially the expertise of the staff. The emphasis will be on developing the framework, techniques and confidence to preserve data as technology changes, focusing not on the use of specific tools, but rather the evaluation and selection of new tools.

Readings for the workshop:
These documents are comprehensive sources for discussing organizational context and digital archive functionality and implementation.

• the Digital Preservation Management tutorial - (
• Trusted Digital Repositories: Attributes and Responsibilities (, and
• Open Archival Information System (OAIS) Reference Model (
• an alternative to reading the full document is to review this more concise overview: alternative reading is: “The Open Archival Information System Reference Model: Introductory Guide” by Brian Lavoie at:

More information: Karen Visser (

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